Data can be ___: intimidating, daunting, overwhelming, and misunderstood. But it can also be a corporate asset that offers the "art of the possible" for your business. With SME, start to understand the wonder of data. 

Data is now more than just numbers and dollars. It's an asset for not only individuals but also for organizations. The companies that are utilizing it to help drive and enable their business are the ones that are much more transformational and having more success. 



There is a huge gap in what people think they can do with their data and the art of the possible. Any data point can be married with another data point and tell a story.  When I look at legos and at data points, there's a lot of similarities between them, each brick of lego can be considered a piece of data. By itself it may not tell you anything.



Taking this behemoth that can oftentimes be very overwhelming and making it palatable or understandable enough that you can then start to dream and start to create.