The journey to the cloud too often requires navigating pitfalls or struggling to scale in a repeatable manner. We find that this happens when there is no a clear strategy or consideration for business goals.

SME's cloud strategy services use a range of assessment tools and techniques including detailing organizational processes, identifying affected technology infrastructures and applications, and assessing security policies and controls. We capture the current state, demonstrate the key gaps, and identify specific actions that can help address the issues and prevent future pain.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics Strategy Assessment


Our experienced team can help you execute a streamlined cloud migration. In our free consultation session, we work with you to evaluate your needs and identify the optimal set of cloud migration solutions to meet your business goals. Whether you are seeking to transition on-premise applications to your cloud platform or if you need to construct a new application on the cloud — SME can help.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services


Modernization is about transforming your legacy applications into something more agile, more elastic, and with higher availability. Our customers find that as they modernize their applications, they often find themselves modernizing the business itself in similar ways.

Rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring are all part of the process to continually upgrade and optimize your applications. Longer-term transformational benefits range from boosting agility in development, operations, and change management; to accelerating technology-driven business opportunities, including new business models, new revenue opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction, and cost optimization.

Cloud Data Integration


Cloud Optimization Services can help you review your existing cloud architecture/design and identify the pain points. Through cloud optimization we can help you:

  • Optimize the usage of cloud resources.
  • Achieve end-to-end security.
  • Automate cloud operations to reduce costs.
  • Enable seamless integration capabilities with other systems.
Cloud Environment Modernization


Businesses have been aggressively adopting latest technologies to gain a competitive advantage but the same has led to complex IT environment by creating information silos. To overcome these issues for an uninterrupted business operation it is required that business applications are integrated.

Our secure cloud integration services allow the seamless flow of data between cloud and enterprise systems, like Power BI. Our cloud services team collaborates with you to provide a modern approach by looking at your entire data ecosystem.

Cloud Data Integration AWS

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We provide all-encompassing cloud computing consulting and implementation services and embrace an end-to-end approach — from thinking over the strategic aspects of cloud adoption and migration to cloud, security consulting and cloud infrastructure management. Our team of cloud consultants, business analysts, developers, and DevOps engineers will ensure that your cloud environment is efficient, safe, and high-performing.

Our team has in-depth knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience in providing Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud services for various industries. Our core capabilities include: Analytics, Databases, Integration, AI & ML, DevOps, Migration, Governance.

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Data Storage And Processing

Finding the right Data Storage and Processing solution can result in better flexibility in scaling and workload management, better control of the cost of storage and computing, and a better source of your data that allows for real-time analysis and reporting. Learn how SME consults on finding the right strategies, objectives and activities to fulfill your strategic plan.

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Data Integration and Automation

Data value is derived from it being real-time, automated, and easily integrated in minimal time. From heterogeneous sources that include production databases, data warehouses, SAP, and mainframe systems, to flat files and SaaS applications; we deliver to all major target platforms. Learn more about what our Data Integration and Automation solutions provide.

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Data Analytics and Science

Make data a key business asset. SME consults by assessing your current business landscape, data ecosystem, and business processes and guiding you through recommendations. We offer Data Analytics and Science solutions that allow you to ask relevant and contextual questions without the reliance of IT, because we believe that every business should have a goal to become data-driven.

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