Data storage and processing is the heartbeat of business intelligence.

But it is only a piece of the puzzle. No matter what you want to achieve, you need a modern techstack built to serve up more in-depth and insightful business intelligence.

Data Centralization & Warehousing

Migrate your data out of disparate silos and into a secure, cloud-based data warehouse. These cost-effective on-demand platforms seamlessly scale and require no infrastructure to manage.

Having your data in the cloud can improve access to consistent, accurate, and analytics-ready data.

Cloud Computing

Data Lakehouse

Data Centralization & Warehousing

Data Integration

Draw on data from every corner of your business and keep your data flowing frictionlessly. Integrated data is critical to effectively analyze, collaborate and report on enterprise data.

SME deploys best-in-class technologies to move data in real-time between disparate applications, it also facilitates consolidation and enrichment to enable business collaboration.

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Data Integration and Automation

Business Intelligence Data Platform

Enable data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and self-service discovery. SME uses various data management solutions based on your organization's goals, all of which provide a fast, accurate, and consistent view of your data.

User-friendly presentations layer natively connect with both legacy and modern business intelligence tools. We recommend solutions that are optimized for performance and reporting, allowing business users to easily create self-service reports on current and historical data.

ThoughtSpot Mobile Data Analytics

Transactional databases are designed for day-to-day operations. Attempting to use these systems for reporting and analytics presents numerous challenges, including:

Our goal for data warehousing is to build foolproof robust systems, where data is gathered and centralized efficiently. These are the key components we consider when recommending storage solutions:

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Infinitely scalable solutions for your data and processing to get the SLAs that you need. We can help you determine how best to meet your specific querying needs and workloads.

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Cloud Data Warehousing takes the ELT (extract, load, transform) vs ETL (extract, transform, load) approach. We build solutions that let the technology do what it does best.

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Power your downstream applications by simply connecting all of your data science, analytics, and reporting tools directly to the data warehouse or data lake.

With data in the cloud, you can...

Data Storage and Processing, Treat data as an asset

Treat data as an asset

While the concept of data as an asset may not be new, up until now it has been difficult to make a reality. Recent changes in technology, however, are changing the way we work with data, making it easier for us ...

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In the future state, with secure data sharing, multiple consumers can be granted access to a single copy of the data. There’s no copying, or moving data, and no delays. This results in the following business outcomes: faster, more efficient data pipelines, quicker insights, and tighter collaboration and more integrated business processes with other BUs, partners, suppliers or customers.

Improve data sharing

Traditional Data Sharing ​In the current state, to collaborate on data, you had to move it across environments. You would grab files from FTP servers, scrape APIs, use ETL tools, or setup different data marts to ...

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Data Storage and Processing

Focus on managing the data, not the infrastructure

Whether they are on-premises, or cloud solutions ported from legacy on-premises technology, in all likelihood, your team is spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with low value tasks. ​ ...

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Featured Technologies


Snowflake modernizes data infrastructure by moving all of your data to one of the most trusted cloud providers.

Snowflake has auto scaling technology and the ability to separate storage from compute to reduce costs. Snowflake scales up and down, on the fly or automatically, with per-second pricing.


Whether your data is a million rows or a trillion rows, we are able to ingest it into our database and query on it in real time with SingleStore.

SingleStore allows you to store data on both disk and in memory, while also being able to deploy on premise, in the cloud, in containers, or as a managed service.

Data Lakes

SME helps organizations set up and interact with data lakes.

You can store your data as-is, without having to first structure the data, and run different types of analytics—from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning to guide better decisions.

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