5 use cases for streaming data pipelines

Cloud Migration

Eliminate the tedious and painful process of moving your company to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Database replication

Real-Time Change Data Capture to replicate data from dozens of legacy tools to modern data stores.

real-time data streams

Incorporate streaming data such as Kafka and messaging systems.

data warehouse automation

Automating the design, implementation, and updates of data warehouse environments minimize the manual, error-prone scripting processes involved in data modeling, ETL generation, and workflows.

data lake ingestion and transformation

Automatically create and update data lake stores by instantly transforming enterprise data within them, then easily adapt to source and target changes.

Qlik data Integration

What is it 

Qlik Data Integration creates robust data pipelines between applications. This solution is completely source and destination agnostic, covering a wide range of databases, data warehouses, and much more. 

What it Does

QDI is a modernizing solution that accelerates deployments and significantly reduces infrastructure costs. The replication and automation of data can all be accomplished with no coding.

What it means

-Implementation costs declined 80% vs. budge
-Project completed in 3 months vs 12
-Post-launch, the data team can implement changes   monthly rather than twice a year
-Capture over 100 billion data changes monthly into an   enterprise data lake
-Thousands of ETL lines of scripting were completed in   2 days

Simplify data integration with analytics-ready data delivery


REal Time

  • Designed from the ground up
  • Real-time changed data capture
  • Analytics-ready data delivery
  • Efficient design resulting in faster delivery


  • Seamlessly move real-time
    data between heterogeneous systems
  • Connect on-premise systems with Cloud
  • Move data between Cloud providers
  • One platform


  • Initial instantiation
  • Target table creation
  • Automated mappings
    Schema synchronization
  • Data Warehouse, Data Mart
    and Data Lake creation
  • Catalog data assets
  • Publish to BI and Data
    Science tools


  • Relied on by more than
    2,500 customers, including
    half of the Fortune 100
  • R&D scale to embrace ever changing tech landscape
  • Deep expertise in data, data
    integration, and analytics