Reduce Infrastructure Costs

By embedding a range of SQL acceleration and data management tools, queries across a data lake based on object-storage systems are optimized and readily available in cloud computing environments. SME uses technology that sits directly on data lake storage, eliminating the need for data warehouses and copying the data, thus reducing storage and compute costs.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Stay Competitive

An open data architecture allows you to use best-of-breed tools directly on cloud data lake storage, eliminating vendor lock-in, and providing flexibility for adopting emerging technologies.

Stay Competitive

Faster Time to Insight

A data lakehouse provides direct access to your data lake. This approach leaves the data where it is, whether data lake or federated data sources, and allows you to query the data using high speed technologies and create representations of the process data. For example, a lot of our customers leverage a data lakehouse to speed up Power BI reports for more real-time insights.

Faster Time to Insight


The unique ability of the lakehouse to manage data in an open environment, blend all varieties of data from all parts of the enterprise and combine the data science focus of the data lake with the end-user analytics of the data warehouse will unlock incredible value for organizations.

With a next-generation data lake engine, you can empower governed, self-service data access for data analysts and data scientists, with consistent semantics across all users, applications, and tools.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Data Lake Architecture and Design
  • Data Lake Ingestion
  • Data Catalogs
  • Smart Data Pipelines
  • BI Strategy and Development
  • Training and Workshops

Our mission is to help customers see and understand their data, regardless of where it lives.

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