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Our Core Community Engagement Commitments

At SME, we believe that giving back is not just a responsibility, but a privilege. We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve and the world at large through our philanthropic efforts. By supporting causes that align with our values and beliefs, we are able to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world for everyone.


By donating to help fund technology projects, we are committed to empowering the next generation with the tools and resources they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.


We support education's transformative power by offering scholarships and initiatives to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for the next generation of leaders.


Empowering today's youth is our commitment to building a stronger and more prosperous tomorrow. We are dedicated to fostering positive growth, providing resources, and nurturing talent.

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SME Named Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine’s 2023 Philanthropist of the Year
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About Us

At SME, we believe in the power of community and collective action to drive positive change. Through our various initiatives and projects, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and the broader society.

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If you're interested in learning more about our technology solutions or how we integrate technology into our community involvement, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of experts is readily available to provide you with detailed information, demonstrate our technology platforms, and showcase the ways in which technology enhances business operations.