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Enterprise Data Governance technologies and guidance to transform your data landscape

Enterprise Data Governance is the practice of managing and organizing the data assets of an organization to ensure that they are secure, accurate, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. This involves developing policies and procedures for managing data, implementing tools and technologies to support these policies, and ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and trustworthy.

At SME, we understand the importance of data governance and offer an assessment to help organizations get started on their data governance journey. Our assessment evaluates the current state of data governance within an organization and identifies areas that require improvement. With this information, we can develop a tailored approach to data governance that aligns with your BI project goals and objectives.

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Assessment and Strategy Development

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your organization's data landscape, including data sources, governance policies, and procedures. Based on the assessment, we will develop a data governance strategy to address any gaps or areas of improvement.

SME's approach is to offer personalized and customized services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We work closely with the client to understand their unique challenges and goals, and provide tailored solutions that fit their budget and resources.

We have a more agile and flexible approach, enabling us to respond quickly to changes in the market or industry. Our clients leverage our expertise in data governance to offer innovative and efficient solutions that address complex challenges, ensuring the client's success.

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Data Governance Framework Design

This is the process of creating a set of guidelines, policies, and procedures that ensure the effective management and use of an organization's data. It involves establishing a framework for defining data ownership, accountability, and stewardship, as well as defining the processes and procedures for managing data quality, privacy, security, and compliance.

The framework provides a standardized approach to data governance that enables organizations to manage their data more efficiently, effectively, and securely. It helps to ensure that data is accurate, complete, and consistent across the organization, which in turn improves decision-making, reduces risks, and supports compliance with regulatory requirements.

The design of a data governance framework typically involves the identification of key stakeholders, data assets, and data-related processes within the organization. This is followed by the development of policies and procedures to govern the management of data, as well as the implementation of tools and technologies to support the framework.

We work closely with stakeholders to develop a framework that aligns with the organization's business objectives, culture, and IT infrastructure. We can also provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the framework.

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Data Lineage

We offer data lineage services to help you track the origin, movement, and transformation of data across the organization. This can help ensure data accuracy and provide transparency and accountability in the event of an audit or compliance review.

Our partner technologies can provide the ability to track the origin and transformation of data throughout its lifecycle. This feature allows users to understand the history of the data, including its sources, transformations, and uses. With data lineage, users can ensure that master data is accurately captured and maintained throughout its lifecycle, which is critical for compliance and regulatory purposes.

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Data Quality Management

Data quality management services involve a set of activities and processes aimed at ensuring that data is accurate, complete, consistent, and reliable. The main objective of data quality management is to improve the accuracy and usefulness of data, thereby increasing the value of data as an asset for an organization.

Data quality management services include:

  • Data profiling: This involves analyzing data to identify issues such as missing values, inconsistent data, and duplicate records.
  • Data cleansing: This involves correcting or removing errors in data to ensure that it is accurate and reliable.
  • Data enrichment: This involves adding new data to existing datasets to enhance their value and usefulness.
  • Data standardization: This involves ensuring that data is formatted and structured consistently across different systems and applications.

Data quality management services are essential for organizations that rely on data to make critical business decisions. By ensuring that data is accurate and reliable, organizations can improve their decision-making processes and achieve better outcomes.

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Master Data Management

We provide master data management services to help you maintain a single, authoritative source of data across the organization. This can help reduce data duplication, improve data quality, and provide a consistent view of data across the enterprise.

We partner with cloud-based platforms that provide a collaborative and secure environment for managing master data. Users can create a centralized repository for all master data and define the data governance policies and workflows for managing that data. The platform allows users to create and manage data models, taxonomies, and hierarchies to ensure consistent and accurate data across the organization.

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Data Governance Tool Selection and Implementation

We offer a wide range of services to support your organization's data governance needs, including the selection and implementation of data governance tools. We understand that every organization has unique requirements and budget constraints when it comes to data governance, and our team of experts can help you identify the right tools to meet your specific needs.

Our tool selection process includes a thorough evaluation of a variety of data governance tools, including data governance software, data lineage tools, and data quality management tools. We also evaluate emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure that the tools we recommend align with your organization's future needs.

Once we have identified the right tools for your organization, we work closely with you to implement them effectively. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that your team has the skills and knowledge needed to use the tools to their fullest potential. Additionally, we can assist with ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your data governance tools continue to deliver maximum value over time.

With our help, you can establish a robust data governance infrastructure that supports your organization's goals and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

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