Leapfrog the Data Trust Gap with Powerful Insights and Governance

Organizations want to use the data they have to make data-driven decisions. Yet, in an Accenture study, only 33% of firms reported they trusted “their data enough to use it effectively and derive value from it.” 

To tackle this gap in data trust, data teams can use the modern data stack to provide end-to-end context for your data supply chain. It enables data teams and data consumers to add, share, and find knowledge about data assets so that trusting and gaining value from your data gets easier. The modern data stack’s technologies can also uncover connections in your data and make analysis richer with AI-powered capabilities.

Empower your teams to discover, analyze, and gain insights using a modern data stack featuring the Snowflake Data Cloud and ThoughtSpot AI-Powered Analytics, governed by data.world’s Data Catalog Platform

Join Snowflake, data.world, ThoughtSpot, and SME Solutions Group to learn about:

  • How a modern data stack brings data consumers closer to finding higher-quality insights
  • Providing context to end users paired with natural language analytics and AI-generated suggestions to make insights more relevant and powerful
  • How to build a more data-driven, data-fluent culture using a modern data stack through collaboration and agile data governance.