How do you want to engage with your data?

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Go from raw to ready with a complete data analytics ecosystem. Gather data from multiple sources, interact with your data in highly customizable and vibrant visualizations, and rely on row level security to safely empower everyone to make data driven decisions.

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Extract, migrate and transform your data in the cloud to harness the power for advanced analytics, self-service data science, AI and machine learning. With data pipelines that automatically detect and handle data loss or corruption, organizations are spending less time fixing and more time doing.

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What if searching your data for answers was as easy as a Google search? With search & AI driven analytics, anyone can find insights hidden in their company data in seconds. Use search to get granular insights from billions of rows of data or let AI uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask.

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President CEO Chris Moyer

"At SME we take pride in vetting and being selective with any technology partners that we choose to engage with. We focus on customer pain points and processes, and we align with enterprise products and solutions that actually work, add value, and provide ROI." - Chris Moyer, President & CEO of SME Solutions Group

Strong Technology Expertise

SME combines best practices, new approaches, and modern technologies to analytics. The analytical insights provided can shape the key directional decisions of a firm, impacting future business results.

SME is built on a foundation of in-depth knowledge and years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise Analytics, BI, and Data Warehousing solutions. Our solutions offer scalability, availability, performance, and security to your most important corporate resource – knowledge.

Data Centralization & Warehousing

Simple Pricing Engagement Model

Our pricing models are designed to best fit your budgetary needs. We offer fixed price and deliverable focused projects, annual hosting of your analytical environments, or hourly support to augment or jump start your data team.

Data Governance and Data Literacy

Agile & Lean Philosophy

Collection, organization, and analysis. Collectively, these requirements comprise data management, and how you manage your data could help you achieve greater overall success—or tie up hundreds of man-hours and compromise your results.

SME's Lean Data Management and Agile Data Governance approaches result in higher efficiency, less stress, simplification, reduced margin of error, and faster decision making.

Agile Data Governance

What would improve your business decisions?

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BI Maturity

SME’s assessment is designed for business and IT professionals involved in both new programs for analytics and older programs. The goal is to provide a framework for companies to understand where they’ve been, where they are, and where they still need to go with their analytics deployments.

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Whether you’re a business or technology professional, get the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share data with a fully-managed cloud service that’s simple to use but can power a near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads.

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Without data governance and literacy, the insights that are hidden in your data become limited. SME offers solutions that provide data glossaries, data catalogs, and other data management systems that help uncover the true insights in your data.

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Data Analytics Consulting Services for your business

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Translate data into actionable and real-time insights. We believe that visualization empowers users to immediately spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, etc.

Data and Analytics Strategy

We make data a key business asset by assessing your current business landscape, data ecosystem, and business processes and guiding you through recommendations. We believe that every business should have a goal to become data-driven.

Operational Planning

We consult on identifying strategies, objectives, and activities required to fulfill your Strategic Plan and then putting them into action. Our years of practical and industry specific experience can help your team build the right foundation to accelerate results.

Data Storage and Processing

SME offers modern Data Storage and Processing solutions that provide faster, more efficient data pipelines, quicker insights, and tighter collaboration and more integrated business processes.

Data Integration and Automation

With business logic that automates ETL for transformation, we can generate real-time visual analysis of our data without fiddling with code or waiting weeks or months to process it.

Data Governance and Literacy

Our approach provides clients the opportunity to develop an understanding of data’s value and meaning. We offer a customized methodology, providing each client with the right governance program and stewardship projects for its needs.

What our customers are saying

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc

I really appreciate the great work that SME does and would definitely recommend them to anybody who is looking to get a high return on their Business Intelligence investment. ...

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Bobby Bryant IT Applications Manager
Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Their consulting services provide a wealth of knowledge with Chris Moyer, Ron Katzman, and George Barrett having extensive expertise in the Business Intelligence and data analytics space. ...

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Johnathon Repass Manager, Regulatory and Legal Response \\ Compliance and Supervision Technology
Luiz Amaral, Qlik


I have nothing but good things to say about SME and would certainly recommend them. The whole SME team is incredibly knowledgeable. I truly appreciate their teaming and partnership. ...

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Luiz Amaral Financial Manager