SME Solutions Group acquires Aculytics

SME Solutions Group acquires Aculytics

SME Solutions Group, Inc. acquires Aculytics, Inc. Strengthening SME’s Ability to Thrive in the Data Analytics Consulting Industry

TAMPA, Fla. – March 17, 2020 - SME Solutions Group, Inc. announced that it has acquired Aculytics, Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida data analytics consulting firm specializing in healthcare.

“The purchase will better serve the needs of SME’s clients by further enabling them to identify and take action on powerful data insights,” said Chris Moyer, president and CEO of SME.

The purchase of the consulting firm is aligned with SME’s strategy to improve organizations’ analytical capabilities. Because Aculytics has been influential in the Florida healthcare space for eight years, the acquisition gives SME a unique perspective on a growing healthcare market. By expanding its Florida market share and deepening its software partnerships, SME’s analytical footprint in the healthcare space is uniquely positioned for growth.
“We already consider Aculytics an extension of the SME Team and the fact that they are based in Jacksonville, which is only a few hours from our Tampa headquarters, has helped make this an extremely smooth transition,” Moyer said. “The synergy between the staff and the products will only enhance our opportunities to serve our customers.”

As a result of this acquisition, SME looks forward to providing its clients with the most forward-leaning, data-driven solutions in the data analytics industry.

About SME Solutions Group, Inc. - SME bridges the gap between product, strategy, execution and sustainability for our clients while creating a single version of the truth with their data. Through BI, AI, data analytics, machine learning, data governance, data literacy, project management, and process improvement, our goal is to deliver solutions that overcome business challenges. Our Subject Matter Experts are skilled consultants that understand the technologies and requirements necessary for identifying strategies to ensure successful execution of your business needs and objectives.




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