TAMPA – University of South Florida (USF), a global research university dedicated to student success serving Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee, names Chris Moyer as Chair for the Information Systems Decision Sciences (ISDS) Industry Advisory Board. The board currently has 24 members.

“I got involved with this board because of the success SME has had working with USF students in this department. Over the past few years, we have had several interns from USF join our team and due to their professional, technical, and interpersonal skills they have become full-time employees at SME. I wanted to give more back to the school around strategy and student development by joining this board. By ensuring that the USF students are properly prepared for the constant changing BI, technology, and data analytics ecosystem, they will be ready holistically to add immediate value to their employers. This is no longer about entry level engagement,” said Chris when asked about why he first got involved with the ISDS Advisory Board. On multiple occasions, Chris has mentioned that higher education and continuous development have always been a personal priority and a part of SME’s corporate goals for every employee.

The ISDS board helps the department achieve it’s academic mission by championing the activities of the department to their organization and network. The board advises on key knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of the department’s graduates.

Board members support the department through philanthropy and involvement with activities such as scholarships, the Corporate Mentor Program, internships, practice center projects, the Analytics Team, and the CIO Breakfast.

Moyer states that “at SME we take pride in working with the students and get our entire SME team involved in supporting USF with internships, analytics bootcamps, and student development such as mock job interviews”.