Migrating to the Cloud

Complementing or replacing their:

  • Traditional on-premises infrastructures with one or more cloud service provider platforms.
  • Traditional data warehouse environments with modern, often cloud-based, data lakes and data lakehouses.
Migrating to the Cloud

Eliminating Internal Data Silos

Part of modernizing your data architecture is making your internal data accessible to those who need it when they need it. When data is stored in disparate repositories, people unintentionally duplicate it. Then, no one knows which information is really correct.

We help companies break down those barriers, cleanse, and validate the information. Otherwise, it’s not useful to the enterprise.

Eliminating Internal Data Silos

Enabling Real-Time Data

While traditional data solutions focused on writing and reading data in batches, a streaming data architecture consumes data immediately as it is generated, persists it to storage, and may include various additional components per use case – such as tools for real-time processing, data manipulation and analytics.

We help architect solutions that replace inefficient batch replication processes with real-time data streaming.

Enabling Real-Time Data

We solve data integration and applied analytics challenges across all industries.

SME provides expertise and guidance focused on your data-driven digital transformation. Our professional services are designed to accelerate your business value realization. From strategic planning through solution implementation and ongoing support, we are here to guide and assist you in every step of your journey.

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Data Storage And Processing

Finding the right Data Storage and Processing solution can result in better flexibility in scaling and workload management, better control of the cost of storage and computing, and a better source of your data that allows for real-time analysis and reporting. Learn how SME consults on finding the right strategies, objectives and activities to fulfill your strategic plan.

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Data Governance and Literacy

Without Data Governance and Literacy, the insights that are hidden in your data become limited. SME Solutions Group works to build data-driven cultures by implementing our Data Governance and Literacy solutions. We choose to work with partners that provide data glossaries, data catalogs, and other data management systems that help uncover the true insights in your data.

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Data Analytics and Science

Make data a key business asset. SME consults by assessing your current business landscape, data ecosystem, and business processes and guiding you through recommendations. We offer Data Analytics and Science solutions that allow you to ask relevant and contextual questions without the reliance of IT, because we believe that every business should have a goal to become data-driven.

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