Data Centralization & Warehousing

Migrate your data out of disparate silos and into a secure, cloud-based data warehouse. These cost-effective on-demand platforms seamlessly scale and require no infrastructure to manage.

Having your data in the cloud can improve access to consistent, accurate, and analytics-ready data.

Data Centralization & Warehousing

Data Integration

Draw on data from every corner of your business and keep your data flowing frictionlessly. Integrated data is critical to effectively analyze, collaborate and report on enterprise data.

SME deploys best-in-class technologies to move data in real-time between disparate applications, it also facilitates consolidation and enrichment to enable business collaboration.

Data Integration

Business Intelligence Data Platform

Enable data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and self-service discovery. SME uses various data management solutions based on your organization's goals, all of which provide a fast, accurate, and consistent view of your data.

User-friendly presentations layer natively connect with both legacy and modern business intelligence tools. We recommend solutions that are optimized for performance and reporting, allowing business users to easily create self-service reports on current and historical data.

Business Intelligence Data Platform

Transactional databases are designed for day-to-day operations. Attempting to use these systems for reporting and analytics presents numerous challenges, including:

  • Strain on source systems: As the demand for information grows, the load on systems grows with it. If a report takes five minutes to run, that puts five minutes of heavy load on the source systems, compromising any other users who are working at the time.
  • A lack of historical data: Operational systems are built to handle daily business transactions. They are not intended to store historical data.
  • Slow reporting: A transactional system is optimized for write operations, resulting in slow processing for reporting applications.
  • Difficulty in creating business intelligence solutions: Modern business intelligence tools, like Power BI and Qlik, are not designed to read from transactional systems and require additional steps to integrate with the data.
  • Confusing user experience: Most transactional systems are not built with user-friendly naming conventions, often resulting in misunderstandings when interacting with data.

Our goal for data warehousing is to build foolproof robust systems, where data is gathered and centralized efficiently. These are the key components we consider when recommending storage solutions:

  • Near-unlimited, low-cost cloud storage with 2-3x compression.
  • Choose multi-cluster computing resources for near-unlimited concurrency.
  • Optimized direct connectors for popular BI and Analytics tools.
  • Automatic query caching, planning, parsing, and optimization.
  • Automatic updates with no scheduled downtime.
  • Cross-cloud data replication for seamless, global data access.
  • A single copy of your data that’s available immediately everywhere and able to be securely shared.
  • Easy and quick provisioning of compute resources, consisting of dozens of combinations of sizes/clusters to match performance and demand.
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Infinitely scalable solutions for your data and processing to get the SLAs that you need. We can help you determine how best to meet your specific querying needs and workloads.

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Cloud Data Warehousing takes the ELT (extract, load, transform) vs ETL (extract, transform, load) approach. We build solutions that let the technology do what it does best.

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Power your downstream applications by simply connecting all of your data science, analytics, and reporting tools directly to the data warehouse or data lake.

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