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Meet the modern customer's demand

Customer Experience, CX, refers to every interaction between your customer and your organization. It requires a digital transformation, curating the journey across time and platforms. From your customer’s perspective, this may seem like the perfect 1-on-1 concierge environment. At any moment, you pick up the conversation, or transaction, without missing a beat. With the help of CRM, AI, IoT, data, and other smart tech, you can achieve this goal. Your reward is gaining loyal customers and the ability to anticipate their future needs.

Winning CX Approaches Are Centered Around The Customer

Many CX deployments fail because they don’t first consider what you’re trying to achieve and understand your customer. There are questions to ask, and leveraging your experience in similar situations can save you a huge headache and time delays across the discovery, design, and implementation process. Knowing where the customer interacts, what tasks we should focus on, and the integrity of the data, should be considered before locking in an approach.

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Customer Support

We’ve all been there. Running the support gauntlet, passed from person to person, with the conversation starting over each time. The CX you generate can not only be better, but it can also be inspiring and friendly. Imagine your rep starting the conversation knowing the history, having AI-generated prompts that promote resolution, and advancing your relationship with the customer across channels and across time.

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Marketing Outreach

One-to-one marketing is the most personal and the most successful. With the knowledge of your customer’s journey, you can target messaging, optimize to an audience of one, and keep them actively engaged with your brand. This isn’t just how you sell your products and/or services; this creates a community and advocates who will carry your flag to their friends, families, and loved ones.

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Customer Platforms

Chat. Text. Social Media. Websites. Emails. Phones. Everything is connected, and nothing should be left behind. The meeting places between brand and consumer have never been more encompassing or varied. Consumers expect you to meet them where they are most comfortable, and that can change from moment to moment. An omnichannel approach lets you achieve this seamlessly. 

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Data Acquisition/Analytics

Every customer touchpoint is a data point. Every observation can also be a data point. This is knowing your business, customers, and having the highest level of actionable insider knowledge possible, to help you form long-term decision-making, and nuanced insights that can empower everyone in your organization to represent, and move, as a unified brand. Consistency of action. Consistency of thinking.

We are Your Customer Experience (CX) Experts

You have so many options and approaches available to you. With a portfolio of 200+ Providers from leading Providers like 8x8, Five9, Genesys, and Vonage my team can suggest a vendor-agnostic approach that puts your interests and needs before everything else. Let us be your advocates. We can blend the intangible value of skilled professional advisors with the tangible impact of carefully selected hardware and software solutions that directly address your needs and situation!

We Look Forward to Working with You!

SME Solutions Group is your strategic partner in delivering unparalleled customer experiences. With our expertise in innovative customer engagement technologies and processes, you can improve efficiencies and revenue through every step of your unique CX initiatives as you scale your business. Our team will support you in growing a dynamic customer experience ecosystem by managing the process's critical elements, from RFI development to financial analysis and evaluating solutions in the marketplace, contract negotiation, project implementation, deployment, and optimization. With SME, be confident you're on the path to CX excellence.

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