IT Security Challenges - Questions for Safeguarding Your Organization

avigating IT Security Challenges in Remote Work Environments - Essential Questions for Safeguarding Your Organization

Remote work has presented several challenges surrounding IT — the most pertinent being security. On average, a data breach costs organizations $3.86 million. Whether your employees are working from home permanently, returning to the office, or a combination of both, check out these questions to determine what solutions you may need to prevent threats.

Here are some open-ended questions our security experts suggest you consider:


1. As the complexities of your environment change, how have your security plans evolved with your technology investments?

2. What are you doing to stay ahead in the cybersecurity and threat landscape to ensure you are protected from evolving threats?

3. Do you have compliance obligations? If so, what are they?

4. Specifically, what are you doing for email and security endpoint protection, and how is it managed?

5. What is your cloud security strategy?

6. If you had an incident/emergency right now, would you know? How would you react to that? How much revenue lost/downtime can you tolerate in the event of an attack?

7. How many people do you have in IT, and more specifically, do you have a dedicated security engineer on staff, or do you work with a trusted third-party risk and assessment advisor?

8. Have you heard about the shift in security technology that will strengthen your current security model?

9. Would you be interested in hearing about the shift in security technology and how it can strengthen your security model?

10. When was the last time you were audited or tested, and would you be open for aligned partners with you on this?

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