SME Establishes itself as MSP for ThoughtSpot

SME Establishes itself as MSP for ThoughtSpot

SME Solutions Group, Inc. Establishes Itself as a Managed Services Provider for ThoughtSpot

TAMPA, Fla. – April 22, 2020 - SME Solutions Group, Inc. today announced it has expanded its service offerings leveraging ThoughtSpot’s search and AI driven-analytics platform to provide the platform as a managed service to SME Solutions Group clients. With the new managed service offering, SME will manage all technical infrastructure, host ThoughtSpot, and provide direct access to clients through the cloud. SME is only one of four ThoughtSpot partners in North America to receive the MSP designation.

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), SME now provides a cloud-hosted end-to-end ThoughtSpot powered solution that delivers fast time-to-value for organizations regardless of industry, data size, or user base.  With the managed service offering, SME clients can utilize ThoughtSpot to enable users at all levels of an enterprise ask questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds without having to install ThoughtSpot in their own data center or cloud instance. Instead, SME hosts all infrastructure and ensures capacity and availability, while partnering with clients to deliver tailored solutions for specific use cases. Organizations of all sizes can equip end users with the ability to ask questions and gain valuable insight into data, allowing organizations to respond quickly and make impactful decisions that drive results.

“Organizations in every industry are looking for new ways to unlock their data to guide decision making and deliver value to their business, and need partners who make this complex goal as simple as possible,” said Toni Adams, SVP of Alliances and Partners, ThoughtSpot. “By partnering with SME to deliver a managed service, businesses of all sizes can quickly and seamlessly leverage the power of search & AI to fundamentally disrupt the way employees throughout their organization make decisions.”

With a partnership that started over two years ago, SME and ThoughtSpot are actively helping organizations empower non-technical users to answer their own data questions and transform how they leverage data to drive their businesses. For these efforts, SME was named ThoughtSpot’s Emerging Partner of the Year in 2019 and has since closed the largest partner deal in ThoughtSpot history.

About SME Solutions Group, Inc. - SME bridges the gap between product, strategy, execution and sustainability for our clients while creating a single version of the truth with their data. Through BI, AI, data analytics, machine learning, data governance, data literacy, project management, and process improvement, our goal is to deliver solutions that overcome business challenges. Our Subject Matter Experts are skilled consultants that understand the technologies and requirements necessary for identifying strategies to ensure the successful execution of your business needs and objectives. 


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