Migrating Tableau reports to ThoughtSpot within Weeks

Migrating Tableau reports to ThoughtSpot within Weeks

Empowering end users with self-service analytics without extensive training. Deploying ThoughtSpot, with SME's help, resulted in less costs and higher adoption rates.

Customer Story At a Glance:

Industry: Legal Services
Use Case: Implementation
Key Tech: ThoughtSpot, Redshift

The Results:

  • ETL and Data Modeling. Simplified process and improved automation.
  • Performance, Flexibility, & Scalability. Time to build new reports was cut in half.
  • Costs Savings on Licensing. Less Tableau licenses resulted in a lower TCO for their BI efforts.
  • Future proof their data. Regulates the warehouse and revises the data model.
  • Develop a process to handle BI requests. Prioritizes and manages the request pipeline.

About the Customer

This customer is a network of criminal defense lawyers, civil lawyers, family defense lawyers, immigration lawyers, non-attorney advocates, social workers, and investigators that work together to help their clients address the full range of legal and social issues that can result from criminal charges.

The Challenge

The customer was looking to get more engagement from end users in their analytics platforms. They had Tableau for many users and the costs of licenses were getting expensive. They were looking to find something to eventually replace it but provide more self-service for their team members.

The customer is comprised of many practice areas across the office. These included criminal defense, family matters, immigration, etc. The users in the practice areas could be attorneys, advocates, social workers, etc. These users would not have the time to spend on learning a BI tool or analytics platform that did not have rapid adoption.

The Solution

ThoughtSpot’s search bar functionality allowed any user to pick up the tool in little to no time. The worksheet layer allowed the customer to incorporate different metrics, attributes, flags, counts, and various case personas in one searchable list. ThoughtSpot also directly queried The customer’s Redshift database, which serves as their analytical data warehouse.

With the help of SME Solutions Group, their data warehouse, ETL, and data modeling processes were cleansed, simplified, and optimized.

The Key Initiatives

  • Deploy ThoughtSpot for search based and self-service analytics.
  • Improve existing Redshift analytics model for ThoughtSpot scalability and efficiency.
  • Deliver ThoughtSpot solutions for various use cases/requirements including the Architecture, Development and Training/Adoption support.
  • Implement a Business Intelligence (BI) request management & prioritization process and Steering committee solution. This allows for the customer to handle future BI related requests and enhancements across multiple BI tools.

The Benefits

The customer deployed multiple new dashboards and migrated Tableau reports to ThoughtSpot in just a couple of weeks. Because of this, they were able to reduce their Tableau licenses by about half, significantly reducing costs. SME's implementation support resulted in better performance for data searches and pinboards, reducing time to build new reports by about half.


I want things to be easy and not so cumbersome for my users but updated across all worksheets.

Thank goodness you [SME] did that for me. I wish you guys would never leave us.



About SME Solutions Group, Inc.

SME works with organizations across industries to bring a lasting and modern approach to Business Intelligence (BI). SME's team of certified analysts, architects, admins and trainers holistically approach pain points to find solutions in areas of cloud transformation, data literacy, data governance, software support and assessment. With core values of embracing the importance of data, SME carefully chooses technologies that provide insights and clarity to its clients. With extensive expertise, clients are provided a seamless integration of their BI platforms and newfound capabilities of working with data.

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