Unwrapping a Gift of Giving

Unwrapping a Gift of Giving - SME Team Photo
  • October 20, 2023

For the second year in a row, the SME Team gathered for a special event we like to call "Inspired Giving." It's more than just a new tradition; it's an embodiment of our commitment to aligning corporate giving with the interests and passions of our employees.

This year's "Inspired Giving" at SME's Annual All Hands Meeting was no exception, and we're thrilled to share the heartwarming and inspiring experiences that unfolded during this unique event. 

The Annual All Hands Meeting is a time for us to come together, away from the office, and strengthen the bonds that make us not just colleagues but a team. The focus this year was on philanthropy, teamwork, and connection. As we look back on our time together, we are excited to say that we found new ways to bring our team closer and make a positive impact on the world simultaneously.

Connecting with Causes: The Philanthropy Twist

Normally, a White Elephant exchange is an entertaining and light-hearted way to exchange quirky, humorous gifts. This year, we decided to change things up by nominating nonprofits as the "gifts." Each employee was invited to select a nonprofit organization that meant something special to them and bring that selection to the retreat.

The twist? Instead of vying for the most intriguing or amusing "gift," we aimed to connect with the nonprofit that resonated with us most, regardless of whether we initially chose it or not. This change in perspective added an element of vulnerability and personal growth to a traditional White Elephant game.

Strengthening Bonds Through Giving

The idea was simple: we gather around to exchange these nonprofit "gifts," and we learn about the organizations that have impacted us personally. It was amazing to witness colleagues open up about the causes they cared about and to see the empathy and understanding that spread through the room. This change in dynamics created an atmosphere of trust and connection that went far beyond the usual office interactions.

Making a Difference Together

At the end of the exchange, we had the privilege of making a difference in our communities, a cumulative difference of $10,000. Each of the nonprofits received a $500 donation, a small token of our support for the work they do. We were inspired by the diversity of causes that our team cared about, from environmental conservation to child welfare, from healthcare to education. We recognized that the collective power of our team could help create a significant positive impact on the world.



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