Contact Center Digital Transformation: Cloud Migration for Cisco Users

Five9 Liftoff for Cisco Users

Moving your contact center to the cloud can feel daunting. SME partners with Five9 to help reduce the risk and make it easy to move to the cloud, enabling a seamless transition and facilitating the digital transformation of your contact center operations. By harnessing the power of the cloud, you can unlock a range of benefits, such as increased scalability, enhanced flexibility, and improved customer experience. Together with Five9, SME empowers businesses to embrace contact center digital transformation by leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology.

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Five9 Liftoff for Cisco Users

Five9 is a cloud-native company that has performed thousands of successful cloud contact center implementations. Enterprises that partner with Five9 experience modern, high-touch, personalized service built upon our history and experience.
We believe that the people who deliver customer experiences must deliver superior customer experiences in return – our aim is at every touchpoint. Five9 makes moving to the cloud a positive, transformative experience. We empower you with the guidance, partnership, and continued support to ensure your enterprise delivers the best possible experience to your customers and agents. To further reduce perceived risk for users of Cisco contact center platforms Five9 has introduced Five9 Liftoff for Cisco Users.


We’re here to help you determine the right course for your company as you plan for your contact center’s future in the cloud.


Contact Center Digital Transformation - Move to the Cloud at Your Pace

Move to the cloud at a pace that makes sense for your business.

Many organizations hesitate to move their contact center to the cloud out of fear of flash-cutting such an integral part of their operation to a new technology. The Five9 Liftoff program lessens those anxieties by offering defined migration strategies tailored to Cisco solutions.

Five9 Liftoff provides useful integrations that aid users in transition and streamline migration processes. It does this by utilizing your existing Cisco infrastructure. This provides tangible value whether you are moving an entire contact center operation or a select set of capabilities, such as outbound, self-service, or agents from a single department (e.g., a help desk).


Operational Review

Any migration begins with an assessment of your current operating environment and a thorough understanding of your business's current and future requirements. During this operational review, our business analyst will:

  • Review your current contact center operation, functional capabilities, management tools, and overall business strategy.
  • Identify technology gaps between Cisco and your business strategy.
  • Provide a benefits statement of features enabled by Five9 that deliver on your business strategy and identify those that will be available as part of the Five9 Liftoff program.
  • Deliver a training roadmap for initial users.


Effectively managing a contact center requires access to timely operational statistics. Contact center supervisors and managers depend on their reporting system to operate their business and their contact center in order to maximize effectiveness. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center includes dozens of the same reports Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Express offers. This means that users won’t have to learn how to use a new mix of data or combine it with their existing reports. In addition, Five9 has the experience required to rebuild any custom report your organization may have devised over the years, as well as those required to manage the needs of an evolving contact center.


Quick Start IVR

For many organizations, a customer’s first point of contact with a company is via self-service, and for the contact center, that is typically an IVR. For organizations moving a portion of their agents to Five9, a simple pointer can be inserted into an existing Cisco Customer Voice Portal script whereby appropriate menu trees send calls to Five9 agents.

On the reverse, those organizations wanting to support Cisco agents with a modern, highly customizable IVR can elect to use the Five9 IVR to support those Cisco agent pools. In this scenario, calls would be treated in the Five9 IVR before being routed to the appropriate Cisco agents.


Quick Start Outbound

Whether your contact center is focused primarily on outbound communications or if it handles a combination of inbound and outbound customer engagements, Five9 can help. Five9 began as an outbound solution provider and transitioned to offering a powerful set of inbound and blended capabilities. We have the expertise to optimize your outbound programs regardless of whether they’re preview, progressive, predictive power dialing campaigns, or proactive reminders. Users of Cisco outbound with Bucher and Suter connections to Finesse and CRM can easily transition and simplify those activities to the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to gain greater flexibility.


Telephony Connect

Cisco contact center agents requiring extensive interaction with UC users can opt to use Telephony Connect, a SIP trunk between Cisco’s UCME and UCMX systems, and the Five9 contact center. This telephony connection allows your agents and supervisors to engage with experts within your business as needed without out-dialing and incurring charges.

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Quick Migration of Agent Profiles

Contact centers of all sizes, but particularly larger ones, are right to be concerned with the time and expense of transitioning to a new solution. Five9 Liftoff streamlines the migration of agent data using automated tools that automatically transfer and rebuild agent profiles in seconds versus rekeying the information manually.


Contact Center Digital Transformation - Summary

Migrating a contact center represents a big change for any operation. The longer a solution is in place, the more daunting the task seems. Five9 has migrated hundreds of Cisco contact centers. We have the experience required to minimize these understandable fears while offering an easy-to-use solution that positions your business to support your customers better. Five9 Liftoff for Cisco Users is designed with your specific needs in mind.

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