Re:Invent 2023 Recap

Re:Invent 2023 Recap

Re:Invent 2023 was a masterclass in technological advancement, a whirlwind of keynotes, workshops, and expo booths that left attendees with minds reeling and imaginations ablaze.

As cloud enthusiasts, our team was particularly enthralled by the confluence of AWS's own groundbreaking announcements and the dynamic presence of our esteemed technology partners. Re:Invent served as a powerful demonstration of the transformative potential of cloud collaboration. From the groundbreaking capabilities of Amazon Q to the forward-thinking "Zero ETL" initiative, the event highlighted the impact of collective creativity in shaping the future of the cloud.

AWS Tech and What Caught Our Attention Most:

  • Amazon Q: A generative AI fueled by AWS knowledge, stole the show at the event. Its impressive fluency and ability to handle complex technical questions blurred the lines between AI and human capabilities, sparking important discussions about the future of these technologies.

  • “Zero ETL Future” & Amazon Redshift: The landscape of data warehousing has undergone a pivotal shift, embracing the paradigm of serverless technology and revolutionizing the field. Amazon Redshift's effortless integration with the data lake, coupled with the Zero ETL revolution, signifies a transformative leap towards streamlined data pipelines and rapid analytical insights. The era of cumbersome ETL processes is waning, replaced by a new era of data agility and efficiency.

  • Amazon S3 Express One Zone: A compelling proposition for storing frequently accessed data. Its nearline-rivaling speeds, significant performance boost over traditional S3 Standard, and remarkable cost efficiency offer an intriguing prospect for latency-sensitive applications. This offering promises to reshape the landscape of cloud storage, potentially unlocking new possibilities for operational agility and cost optimization.

  • Cost Optimization Hub: The Cost Optimization Hub simplifies cloud expense management for CFOs and financial teams. It centralizes control, providing detailed cost breakdowns and practical strategies to optimize your cloud spending. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and keep your cloud budget in check.

Collaborative Endeavors Beyond the AWS Landscape

While Re:Invent served as a stage for AWS to demonstrate its prowess in the cloud computing sphere, the event's true significance lay in its fostering of a vibrant collaborative environment. The expansive expo hall was packed with established and emerging technologies alike, some with booths, some just exploring. Amongst the group were technology partners of SME’s including Matillion, dbt, Qlik, Fivetran, Snowflake,, and

Deep Dives into our Favorite Re:Invent Booths:

Re:Invent wasn't just about the big names and flashy demos; it is also about exciting discoveries buried among the sprawling rows of booths. Here, we delve deeper into some of our personal favorites, highlighting what made them stand out from the crowd.

  1. Apache Iceberg (Tabular)

Apache Iceberg isn't your average table format. It offers unmatched performance and flexibility for managing massive data lakes. Forget data schema limitations - Iceberg lets you evolve your data structures on the fly, making it a perfect fit for agile, evolving analytics workloads. Picture the smooth, adaptable surface of an iceberg, hiding a vast, ever-changing ecosystem beneath. That's Iceberg's potential, and its booth at Re:Invent was abuzz with developers eager to explore its capabilities.

  1. Datadog

Their booth was a haven for data enthusiasts, showcasing their comprehensive platform that monitors everything from applications to infrastructure. Think of it as a lighthouse piercing the fog of technical complexity, illuminating the health and performance of your entire system. The Datadog team offered insightful demos and engaging discussions, reminding us that data observability doesn't have to be a huge hassle.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce went all-out at Re:Invent, commandeering an entire ballroom and multiple booths for a multi-faceted showcase that went far beyond just their CRM; it was a launchpad for exploring the wider potential of the cloud. Their speakers showcased platform-wide innovative tools and integrations that blur the lines between Salesforce and the rest of your tech stack, including Slack, Tableau, and Mulesoft. This session left us buzzing with ideas for streamlining our workflows and unlocking hidden connections within our data.

  1. Tools We Love

Beyond the giants, Re:Invent also shined a light on the unsung heroes of productivity - the tools that keep the cogs of everyday work turning. The SME team was particularly impressed by the booths of these tools that we use all the time:

  • GitHub: The version control platform that keeps our code organized and collaborative. Imagine a sprawling library where every iteration of your work is carefully preserved and easily accessible.
  • Postman: The API testing tool that makes communication with our systems smooth and efficient. Think of it as a reliable translator, ensuring flawless interaction between your applications and the outside world.
  • SentinelOne: The cybersecurity solution that guards our systems against ever-evolving threats. Picture a vigilant knight standing guard, keeping our data safe from harm.
  • N2WS: The network traffic analysis tool that gives us deep insights into the flow of information within our infrastructure. Imagine a map of the digital highways our data travels on, revealing potential bottlenecks and optimizing traffic flow.
  • Atlassian: The suite of collaboration tools, including the powerful task management software JIRA, keeps our teams connected and projects on track. Think of it as a virtual war room, where ideas are shared, tasks are managed, and progress is celebrated. 
  • Docker: The containerization platform that lets us package and deploy our applications with ease. Imagine tiny, self-contained ships carrying your code from one environment to another, ensuring smooth sailing regardless of the destination.
  • DBeaver: The open-source database management tool that gives us a powerful interface to explore and manipulate our data. Think of it as a diving bell, allowing us to plunge into the depths of our databases and explore their hidden treasures.

ConclusionGeorge Barrett and Trey Bayne from SME Solutions Group, Inc. at AWS Re:Invent

Re:Invent 2023 transcended the realm of a typical conference, evolving into a vibrant confluence of cloud innovation. AWS unveiled groundbreaking advancements, their impact seamlessly interwoven with the capabilities of our technology partners.

“re:Invent is an event that showcases the best of the best in cutting-edge technology and brings together an ever-growing community of cloud practitioners. From developers to business users, there is something for everyone to learn. And being able to discuss topics, ideas, and common challenges with peers makes it an invaluable experience.”  

George Barrett, Director of Technology for SME Solutions Group






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