SME and to Enhance Snowflake Environment Optimization

SME and to Enhance Snowflake Environment Optimization
  • November 7, 2023

SME Solutions Group Partners with to Enhance Snowflake Environment Optimization

Tampa, FL – SME Solutions Group is proud to announce a strategic partnership with, the Data Products company. This collaboration promises to revolutionize how organizations optimize their Snowflake environments, offering a comprehensive approach to building data products more efficiently, saving developer time and resources, and reducing costs in both compute and storage.

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"We get asked a lot about how companies can further optimize their Snowflake environment to build data products more efficiently: whether that be saving developer time and resources or cutting costs in both compute and storage. provides the perfect framework for these needs while also providing end-to-end orchestration across the rest of Snowflake and SME's BI ecosystem."

George Barrett, Director of Technology for SME Solutions Group 


The Snowflake platform, that powers the Data Cloud, has become an essential tool for organizations seeking to manage and analyze their data. However, optimizing Snowflake environments for data product development can be a complex and time-consuming process. The partnership between SME and aims to address this challenge by providing a seamless solution that streamlines and enhances the Snowflake optimization process.


Key benefits of this partnership include:

  • Efficient Data Product Development: Organizations can now optimize their Snowflake environments more efficiently, enabling faster and more agile data product development.

  • Cost Savings: The partnership offers strategies to reduce costs associated with compute and storage within the Snowflake environment, helping organizations make more cost-effective decisions.

  • Integration Orchestration:'s solutions seamlessly integrate with Snowflake and SME's BI ecosystem, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized data management framework.


"Companies need the help of experts at all stages of their modern data journey. SME Solutions Group brings deep expertise and smart solutions to clients. As partners, we are aligned in our mission to promote accelerated time to value and efficiency for Snowflake customers looking to fuel business growth through data."

Danielle Simon, Director of Partner Sales for


With the strategic partnership between SME Solutions Group and, organizations can now unlock the full potential of their data assets. Both SME and are dedicated to providing the necessary tools and expertise for businesses to leverage their data and drive innovation. By combining their strengths, this partnership offers a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, achieve a competitive edge in the market, and ultimately succeed in their respective industries.


About SME Solutions Group:

SME is a trusted provider of data optimization services, helping organizations harness the power of their data assets for informed decision-making and innovative product development. With a focus on Snowflake environments, SME offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.


About, the Data Products company, delivers productivity breakthroughs for data teams by enabling agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and a powerful Developer Experience (DX) to modern data platforms. The SaaS platform brings automation, orchestration, continuous testing, and unified observability to deliver the Data Products you want at the speed the business needs. is a global company funded by Notion Capital, Anthos Capital, and Snowflake Ventures, with enterprise clients including Roche Diagnostics and OneWeb. For more information, visit or connect with the team on LinkedIn or Twitter



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